Read, Write and Say Numbers assessments (10,20, 100)

Use these templates to assess how far each student can count, read and write numbers.

There are 3 different levels to suit where your students are at. I like to complete one at the end of every term and place in each child's portfolio to show their improvement. I like to have term 1 and term 2 under each other on an A3 sheet and the same again for term 3 and 4. Or you may like to just have term 1 and term 4 to show the difference over the year.

  • Read, write and say to 10
  • Read write and say to 20
  • Read, write and say to 100 (3) - includes box 10x10 to write to 100, box 10x11to write to 110 and box 10x 11 with some boxes shaded to write to 100 without using the tens pattern.