Dinosaur mini book

Use this 10 page (each page a5) mini book when learning about dinosaurs.

There are 7 pages with a picture of a dinosaur and lines to fill in a fact about it. There are 2 pages at the end where students can choose there own dinosaur to write and draw about. 


Mini books are a great learning tool for helping students develop their reading and writing skills. They are also a fantastic way to reinforce concepts being taught in your class. 

Mini books help our students to...


1. Using pictures to work out unknown words.

Our students are just starting out in the world of reading and writing, so this is a very important skill for them to learn and use! In our under the sea mini book each page has a sentence with a blank space. The students then use the picture to fill in the space.


2. Following the words with your finger.

Many of the students in the class are pre-readers and this skill helps them to learn that each word written represents 1 word spoken. The simple sentences in these mini books provide a great structure for practising this skill.


3. Using alphabet charts to help with sounding out and writing words.

Because the each sentence in the mini book is already written the students can really focus on hearing and recording each sound heard in the missing word. After identifying the missing word the students sounded it out using body taps for each sound e.g. c (tap head) r (tap shoulders) a(tap hips) b (tap knees). After doing this the students used their alphabet chart to find the sound.

After completing their mini books they are added to the class library. The students love going back to read their books and share them with their friends. Have you seen our mini books? We currently have an under the sea book, a community helpers book and an Easter book. Click on the links to download your copy.