The School Year So Far: 100 Days of School…
24 June 2018 - 5 min Read
100 days of school - what a milestone! Funny how it seems to happen so quickly yet the beginning of the year is a far, far distant memory! With all of the states starting and ending each term at different times (what is with that?) we thought we'd share some of our 100 days ideas with you all ahead of time. If you haven't been counting the days - lock these ideas away for next year! There are some great ones that you can start right at the beginning of the term...




Counting each day of school as it happens is a fantastic way to develop your students understanding of the counting sequence. Each morning my class would look at the number written on the board from yesterday and think about what comes next. This is great for working on number order. We also used popsticks to show the days. Once there were 10 loose popsticks in the container we bundled them into one group of 10. Then when counting the popsticks we'd count the 10's first and then add on the ones. So much learning in such a simple quick activity!


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In the lead up to the 100th day of school you may like to do some activities around what 100 looks like. Asking questions like - "What is more 100 basketballs or 100 marbles?" Is sure to get their little brains ticking! Last year we sent home a ziplock bag with each student and asked them to collect 100 things (all the same!) and then made a display of all the different ways 100 can look. Some of the students couldn't believe that 100 sprinkles was the same amount as 100 leaves as they took up much less space in the bag. *HINT* If you are going to do this with your class be really specific that it needs to be 100 of the same item (yes we had quite a few make this error), also you may like to offer some suggestions about what could go in the bag (stamps, stones, feathers, seeds, sequins, cotton balls etc).


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ON THE DAY Reaching the 100th day of school definitely deserves to be celebrated! Some ideas you may like to do on the big day include...


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Dressing up as a 100 year old. This was so much fun! I'm pretty sure we enjoyed it more than the children! STEM challenges that involve counting to 100 such as this one where the students had to build a structure using 100 cups (photo from google).


100 day crafts such as our 100 crown (find it here). For this one you may like to have the students colour or stick sequins of different colours into each set of ten dots.



Use an aging app such as Aging Booth, to transform photos of your students into photos of them when they are old. This was great inspiration for a writing piece about what they would be like when they were 100 (where would they live, what would they like, what would they do etc).



Why not finish the celebration with one of these little class gift? You can download them both from the website here


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Now, only 742962304 more days until the end of year - you've got this!


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