28 January 2013
Tip #10 - Pipe cleaner needlesUse pipe cleaners to create your own sewing needles. To make these place the wool/yarn in the center of a pipe cleaner and then fold it in half around the wool and twist it. If you are concerned about the end being too sharp then fold down the tip and squeeze it in.Peace, love and dirty hangoversTop Teacher xx
26 January 2013
Tip #9 - Rotating collage materialsUse a spinning spice rack to store all of your collage materials - sequins, googly eyes, glitter. This makes everything easy to locate and use while also saving valuable shelf space!Peace, love and tan lines!Top Teacher xx
21 January 2013
Tip #8 - Dying eggsRemember this one for Easter time! Put dye into a muffin tin, add eggs and roll them around. Quick, easy and mess free!Peace, love and shopping sprees!Top Teacher xx
17 January 2013
Tip #7 - New student packsPreparing for a new student in the middle of the year can be a stressful experience. It usually goes something like this in my class.. me flapping around trying to find one of eveything for the new student and then greeting the parents as a tiny bead of sweat drops off the end of my nose! Not to mention all the early morning prep there is to be done to get ready for the...