14 January 2013
Tip #6 - The glue spongeTo make this cut a sponge to fit the container, and pour in glue (pva?).  Students can just tap their shapes on the top of the sponge for a thin, even coat of glue - no more puddles! The only maintenance these need are a few spritzes of water before they get closed up for the day, and flip the sponge every so often. What a simple idea! Makes you wonder why we...
10 January 2013
Tip #5 - Bottle top stampsGlue foam stamps onto bottle tops to create your own set of stampers. Quick, easy and cheap to make! Music to our ears! Make these to suit any theme you are teaching or even create your own set of alphabet stampers.Peace, love and massages!Top Teacher xx
2 January 2013
Tip #2 - Ziplock bagsUse masking tape on a ziplock bag to create a pouch in your files. Perfect for storing games and word wall words. The uses are limitless!Peace, love and suncream...Top Teacher xx