22 February 2013
One of the most important skills I hope every child in my class masters before leaving Kindy is to recognise and write their name independently. There are many different activities we have been doing to focus on this during the past two weeks. Here's a little look at what we have been doing...  Searching through the sensory bin to find the letters of their name. Once they find each...
19 February 2013
With a hot day forecast for tomorrow, what better time then now to bring out the bubbles!Top Tip #13 - Bubble BlowersWhat a great way to have fun, and recycle at the same time! Don't forget you can check out all our Top Teacher Tips on Pinterest here. 'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!'Top Teacher xx 
10 February 2013
Welcome back from the holidays everyone. While we were away we posted Top Teacher tips and they have been quite popular! For this reason we have decided to make it a semi regular post on our blog. If you missed our old tips you can scroll back to see them or check them out on our Pinterest board.This weeks tip is a great way to make keeping anecdotal notes and observations easy and fuss free.Tip...
1 February 2013
Tip #11 - No interruptions!Use a touch light  during reading groups to signal to your students when NOT to interrupt! Now how to get them to look at the light before speaking!We will be back to reality and our regularly scheduled program as of next week!Peace, love and holiday withdrawals...Top Teacher xx