'Bee Happy'

'Bee Happy'
28 August 2013

This term we have started the theme 'mini beasts'. Our first mini beast we! looked at was the bee. We completed lots of bee activities. Some are available now and the others will be added tomorrow xx

'A day in the life of working honey bee'.

After learning lots about what bees do my Year ones and pp's write about all they things they had learned.

To go with the writing we made a hand print bee, added wax paper wings, pipecleaner antenna and googly eyes. We used bubble wrap to print onto a hive template printed onto yellow card. They look super cute.

The hive template will be up tomorrow and the label is available here

File 6409

File 6405

File 6407

Writing from a Year 1 student

File 6408

Writing from a PP student

'Bee Happy'

File 6412


File 6410

We spoke about what makes us happy and why. We completed a writing task and a cute bee craft to go with it.

Here is the link to the free craft

File 6411




Labeling a bee


After learning about the body parts of a bee student were given a template with the head, abdomen and thorax. they had to draw the other parts parts on, label them and then colour the bee.


Download the template here.

File 6413 
File 6414File 6415 

Bertha and the Bee Man book activity


After reading the big book 'Bertha and the Bee Man' we talked about why the characters thought the bees could be lovely or nasty.

Download the template here
File 6417


Delicious Honey Joys

To finish off our week of learning about bees we made delicious honey joys. A lot of my kids are ESL and had never tasted honey before, so these were a great hit

Here is this link to Kelloggs honey joy recipe


File 6416

Also check out the video 'The Magic School Bus 'In a Bee Hive'

Here is the link to a free full length video on youtube

File 6429

My kids loved it!

This is also a cute song and video called the 'Busy Bumble Bee'

Find it on youtube here.

We loved the reading the book 'Willbee the Bumblebee' too - and it comes with a CD!

File 6427

I look forward to sharing more of my mini beast activities with you soon!

Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan

Top Teacher xx