Guided Reading Part 4 ~ What does everyone else do?

Guided Reading Part 4 ~ What does everyone else do?
25 June 2013

Once you have started guided reading rotations in your classroom the next thing to think about is what will everyone else do while you are reading with 1 group.

The most important thing when selecting activities for your rotations is that the students can complete them independently! Take the time to teach and instruct your students on how to complete each activity before expecting them to be able to complete the activity without interrupting your reading group.

Here are some of the activities we use in our class...

File 6028

Letter hunt - students search through magazines to match upper and lowercase letters (available in a range of fonts).

File 6029

Pattern block letters - a great way to integrate Maths in your rotations.

File 6030

Roll-a-word - a great way to practise sight words

File 6031

CVC word puzzles - can be stored in these plastic eggs, or even in envelopes. The students can order the letter tiles, and if you wish they can record the words on paper.

File 6032

Inital sound worksheets - Students trace the upper and lower case letters. They then carefully select and colour in the pictures which begin with focus sound.

File 6033

Sentence / picture match - read the sentence and find the matching picture.

File 5180

Syllable flower shop - sort the flowers into the correct pot according to the number of syllables

File 4549

Make-a-word file -  use this folder to practise making spelling/sight words

File 4189

'oo' gameboard - distinguishing between the long and short sounds and writing the words onto the sorting mat

File 3506

Connect 4 - practise sight words while playing this game.

Other ideas for independent rotations include...

- computers / ipads

- independent reading / buddy reading

- spelling word practise (look, cover, write, check)

- independent writing/ journal writing

- listening post

 Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!

Top Teacher xx