How Can A Visual Schedule Help Your Students?

How Can A Visual Schedule Help Your Students?
9 January 2019

Many students constantly ask ‘what are we doing next?’, 'when are we doing __?'  Having a visual schedule ensures children will know what things are happening and when throughout the day. There are many benefits to having a visual timetable but here are our Top 5:

1 Allow kids to understand the plan. A visual schedule is like a kid friendly calendar and provides them with a visual reminder, no matter who is in the room.  Often, we can talk quickly and let’s be honest… sometimes they just aren’t paying attention! Verbal instructions can be gone in a moment and a schedule is there to remind kids if they forget.  Students can also struggle with the concept of now, later, after. A visual timetable can help students comprehend when certain events happen during the day.

2 Relieve anxiety. Imagine if I took your calendar/diary away from you? I *have* to know what’s coming up and not knowing would cause me stress and anxiety. It can be the same for your students! A visual schedule increases predictability and helps student’s feelings of security. Also when regular routine changes it helps them deal with what is next.

3 Help kids transition more easily. Students can know what to expect before it happens. They have time to process and plan for what is next. Sometimes when kids are not aware of what is next it can result in some challenging behaviour. If students are aware of what is happening next it can make transitions so much easier.

4 Sets up independence. When a child sees what comes next, it can help them understand and cooperate more. It reinforces memory, independence, and mental organisation of what’s to come. If you have a schedule, students can know what is happening and where they need to be without you constantly having to tell them.

5 Pre-Literacy skills. Using words and pairing them with pictures can help their understanding that symbols and words represent meaning. This is an important concept for future literacy skills!

Try a visual schedule and see what impact it has in your classroom!

Check out our range of visual timetables below!

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