More update from week 1 - Sorry have been busy! Hope to get more up to date soon!!!

More update from week 1 - Sorry have been busy! Hope to get more up to date soon!!!
19 February 2014
Here are a couple of the 'my first day at school' drawing and name samples from my students. They range from some kids doing random letters and symbols to 3 (Yes 3!!) that could write their name. The drawings were also an eye opener and show their lack of fine motor skills - Bring on the fine motor program in the morning!!
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We had fun painting and decorating their faces on paper plates. We let the students choose the colour of their skin. Some of the faces were very interesting! In maths we then looked at how many boys and girls we had in our class and created a graph.
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We are doing nursery ryhmes/poems as our theme for this term and our first one was 'way up high in the apple tree' . Thought apples were a fitting way to start the year!

My students loved singing the poem and doing the actions!

We made apple suncatchers using paper towel!

Download the free apple template from

I copied mine onto red and green card. Students cut around the apple but I cut the middle out with a stanly knife.

Each child was given a piece of paper towel and used red, green and yellow textas to colour in the towel. They then used droppers to drop water over it. They were so fascinated watching the water and the colours run together!!

When dry I just stapled them to the apple template. So easy and they look so effective!


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File 6925
We are completing a super song book to keep our poems in. Each week we do an activity with poem and a craft for their scrapbook. To start this week we just looked for and circle letters we were focusing on in week 1. Even this was a bit of a challenge 1st week back. For the craft they cut out a tree template I had copied onto green card and coloured in the trunk brown. Using left over apples from fruit time students apple printed five red apples. My EA cut the apples and the next day they wrote numbers on the apples. First we practised number formation on the mini whiteboards - saying our number formation chants (also found on the webby). These were then glued onto their tree.
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File 6901

File 6899

Download the apple poem templates here

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To finish off we made delicious apple cookies. (We even added a little worm - because of course thats what worms like to eat best!)

We have cute little Ikea plastic spoons to make it easy and safe for students to ice their biscuits. This got a bit messy but they loved it!

I was a bit sneaky and bought a tub of Betty Crocker icing and just adding the green, red and brown dye in different bowls.


Next nursery rhyme - Baa Baa Black Sheep. Hoep to have the blog up on the weekend! Also have some pics of easy fine motor, maths and literacy rotation activities I have been doing to start the year!

'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!'

Top Teacher xx