Nervous about name writing?

Nervous about name writing?
30 May 2012

Are you nervous about teaching your students how to writie their own name correctly??

Learning to recognise and write their own name is an important skill that we have been focusing on in our Kindergarten class. Each morning the students come in with their parents and complete their name writing card and letter puzzle. 

                                     File 2972

I created the name writing card using this alphabet desk strip at the bottom and typing their names in our handwriting font above. As the images used in this document are copyrighted we are unable to provide you with a editable version of this resource however if you download the desk strip and reduce the size you will be able to create something similar to mine.

File 2975


File 2982


File 2990
This is a close up of my class name cards. After cutting around the border I mounted it onto card for extra durability and then laminated it.Download these desk charts here and reduce their size by at least 70%Download this editable version of the name card to create your own class set.

On each table there is a set of chubby markers. I find that these are easier to wipe of a laminated surface than whiteboard markers - they are also much cheaper to replace! I also place small squares of damp sponge on the table for the students to use to clean their name card at the end. Using a small sponge encourages the students to hold the sponge in a pincer grip (between the thumb and forefinger) and helps strengthen the muscles used when writing. Because many parents may not be aware of how to correct their child's pencil grip I also place on each table a copy of our pencil grip poster. This provides them with some of the verbal cues that they can use to support their child's development (such as rest your pencil on its pillow).

Happy writing everyone!

Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!

Top Teacher xx