Nifty Names

Nifty Names
24 February 2012

Teaching young students how to write their name correctly is an important (but time consuming and occasionally frustrating!!) aspect of Early Childhood Education. When I found out that I was teaching Kindergarten this year I went straight to the oracle (AKA Anita!) and this is one of the most important things she told me to do...

I have created this name chart to assist the students in my class with writing their own name on their work.

File 2084

Each pocket on this chart is half an envelope which is the stuck down with double sided tape. Each pocket has the students name and photo on the front (photos have been blurred for privacy reasons) and inside each pocket are cut up name tags. When the students begin working on a new piece of work they are sent to the chart to find their pocket and retrieve a name tag. To begin the name is written in outline form. Once they have mastered this the name tag will be in dotted print.

File 2087

How do you teach your students to write their name? We would love it if you would share your tips with us on our Facebook page.

Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!

Top Teacher xx