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Kindness Matters, It can turn a child’s whole day around!
30 January 2019 - 5 min Read
Kindness Matters, It can turn a child's whole day around! Teaching kindness is just as important as teaching Maths and Literacy. Creating a culture of kindness in your room means not only do your students feel safe and happy, but they are also more productive. This.....
How Can A Visual Schedule Help Your Students?
9 January 2019 - 5 min Read
Many students constantly ask ‘what are we doing next’, 'when are we doing __'  Having a visual schedule ensures children will know what things are happening and when throughout the day. There are many benefits to having a visual timetable but here are our Top.....
Chasing Work-Life Balance as a Teacher
31 August 2018 - 5 min Read
The hashtags #SelfcareSunday and #WorkLifeBalance are seriously trending over on the gram at the moment, it seems everyone is keen to turn the spotlight on mental health, and we for one couldn’t.agree.more. Teaching is (as you all know) full on! Rewarding and.....