Say Cheeeeese!

Say Cheeeeese!
19 June 2012

Here in Kindy we have been learning about community helpers all term. We recently focused on dentists and how we can look after our teeth properly. As a part of this learning I created a Mathis game which allows students to practise one-to-one matching when counting.

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The game can be played in two different ways, either by adding decay to each tooth to match the number rolled, or by brushing away the decay on the teeth to match the number rolled on the dice (this is the way we played). The students loved using the toothbrushes to practise the correct way of brushing teeth (round and round not up and down!!!). Download your copy of the game here.

During this week the students also completed a counting assessment. I tried to think of a fun "dentisty" way to present the students progress to the parents and came up with this little activity.

I first had the students count as far as they could. Some students could previously count to beyond 50, so for those students I had them continue counting from around 30 (I sometimes find that the students lose interest and motivation when they are left counting for too long!)

The students then stamped one tooth in the mouth for each number that they could count (to make the tooth stamp I simply carved the top of a wine cork into a rectangular shape).

Download your counting tag here.


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Remember 'keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!'

Top Teacher xx