Spinning up a work of art

Spinning up a work of art
13 September 2012

We are always looking for new and dynamic art techniques to try out in our Kindy room. After reading about this technique in an art book we thought we'd give it a try. Check it out and see what you think...

File 4074


Place a paper plate (or paper circle) into the bottom of the salad spinner. Use a spoon to drip paint onto the plate. In order for this technique to work make sure the paint is very watery. We had to add extra water to the paint a few times to achieve the right consistency.

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Put the lid on and get those arm muscles working! My students loved this part of the activity - just make sure someone has a firm grip on the bowl.

As you can see the excess paint will come out of the bottom of the bowl. We placed the bowl on top of newspaper to make cleaning up easier.

File 4076


Open up the spinner to reveal the plate. We sprinkled glitter on top to finish it off. Glitter makes everything much more fantastic, just ask my Kindy kids!

File 4077


The final product.

We will be using these plates as the front of our mystery eggs... come back next week to find out more about this activity.

'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan'

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