Top Teacher Tip #1

Top Teacher Tip #1
22 December 2012

While we are away on holidays (what a life hey!) we won't be blogging as much, but have decided to share some of our most favourite pins with you. These pins will hopefully give you some inspiration / help / new ideas! We'll be back at the end of January with fresh ideas and resources to share with you. Wishing you and your families all a very merry Christmas and an even merrier new year!! 

Tip #1 - Work pegs!
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We all know that we should probably change the work on display in our classrooms a little more often than we do, but sometimes the thought of all that unpinning and repining is just too much! That's why we love these work pegs - talk about cutting out half the work! To make these simply hot glue a thumb tack to the back of  a peg. Then pin the pegs to your pin board and voila! Job done! This is something we will definitely be trying in our classrooms next year.

Peace, Love and Cocktails!

Top Teacher xx