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Nifty Names: Teaching Young Students How To Write Their Name
24 February 2012 - 5 min Read
Teaching young students how to write their name correctly is an important (but time consuming and occasionally frustrating!!) aspect of Early Childhood Education. When I found out that I was teaching Kindergarten this year I went straight to the oracle (AKA Anita!) and.....
Top Teacher Tip #2: Pom Pom Pens
26 December 2012 - 5 min Read
Tip #2 - Pom Pom Pens     Whiteboard work is a regular work station in our classrooms, the kids love using markers! To solve the issue of "the eraser hog" you can give each student their own eraser. Simply hot glue a pom pom to the end of the marker. Then.....
Nervous about name writing? Teaching your students how to write their own name.
30 May 2012 - 5 min Read
Nervous about name writing Teaching your students how to write their own name. Are you nervous about teaching your students how to write their own name correctly Learning to recognise and write their own name is an important skill that we have been focusing on in.....
Top Teacher Tip #3: Use Plastic Plates Like a Whiteboard
30 December 2012 - 5 min Read
Tip # 3 - Whiteboard plates     Did you know that plastic plates work as dry erase boards Neither did we until we saw this pin! What a fab way to use up any left over plates from Christmas. These would be so handy during whole class mat times where you want.....
Say Cheeeeese! Teach Students the Correct Way of Brushing Teeth
19 June 2012 - 5 min Read
Here in Kindy we have been learning about community helpers all term. We recently focused on dentists and how we can look after our teeth properly. As a part of this learning I created a Mathis game which allows students to practise one-to-one matching when.....
Top Teacher Tip #4: Use Zip Lock Bags to Organise Your Files
2 January 2013 - 5 min Read
Tip #2 - Zip lock bags     Use masking tape on a ziplock bag to create a pouch in your files. Perfect for storing games and word wall words. The uses are limitless!   Peace, love and sun cream... Top Teacher.....
Top Teacher Tip #5: Make Your Own Stampers with Bottle Tops
10 January 2013 - 5 min Read
Top Teacher Tip #5 10 January 2013 Tip #5 - Bottle top stamps     Glue foam stamps onto bottle tops to create your own set of stampers. Quick, easy and cheap to make! Music to our ears! Make these to suit any theme you are teaching or even create your.....
Teach Counting with Coloured Popsticks!
1 August 2012 - 5 min Read
Last term our Kindergarten class (4 year olds) focused on the numbers 1 to 5. Although most of the students were able to count to beyond this number, a lot of them were still struggling to recognise each number out of sequence. We also looked at the correct formation.....
Spinning up a Work of Art: A Different Art Technique to Try in Kindy Room
13 September 2012 - 5 min Read
We are always looking for new and dynamic art techniques to try out in our Kindy room. After reading about this technique in an art book we thought we'd give it a try. Check it out and see what you think...     Place a paper plate (or paper circle).....
Top Teacher Tip #6: The Glue Sponge
14 January 2013 - 5 min Read
Tip #6 - The glue sponge     To make this cut a sponge to fit the container, and pour in glue (pva).  Students can just tap their shapes on the top of the sponge for a thin, even coat of glue - no more puddles! The only maintenance these need are a few.....