Kind Kids - Random Acts Of Kindness

Kindness is so important and these 'kind kids' give students tasks to complete to help them be more kind

This resource includes 40 different acts of kindness and 2 blank kids to write your own acts on to, a tag for a jar to keep them, and a kind kids posters to display the kind kids with.

You might like to pull one out on a Monday and then give students the week to complete the task. Talk about the task and give ideas about how they could go about completing the task. Some are things they can complete as a class at school or things they can complete at home. Students are not forced to do the task if it is one to be completed at home, however on Friday you could talk about the task and the students can share how they completed the task.

At the end of the week the 'kind kid' is placed on a display which enourages students to continue to keep up previous acts of kindness.

2 per page kind kids certificates to match our kind kids acts of kindness activity.A great way to promote and credit those who show acts of kindness

Colour version and Black and white version