Whooo Will It Be? - Editable Name Sticks

Owl theme name sticks

5 different owls and tub label or tag

Laminate the owls and attach to  a popstick. Write each students name on one and place in a tub/pencil holder/cup with a the 'whoooo will it be?' label

when you need to choose a student for a job/activity/question etc pull an owl out of the tub. Place on the side or upside down until all students have been picked and then start again

‘Whoooo’ will it be name sticks are a great way to call on students during discussion time. I find it helps students stay more engaged as they are not sure if they are going to be asked a question. Students are able to pass and another student is chosen but then I go back to the first student so they can then have a go at responding with a correct answer also. Often it is the shy/anxious kids that pass and this seems to allow them the confidence to talk knowing they are definitely saying the correct answer