Roll,Say, Keep


Use this roll, say,keep game to practise and reinforce a wide range of skills in your class.

To play each child will need their own game board. Place all of the cards in the middle (the cards are editable so you can tailor the game to suit any skill you like) and have each student place 1 card into each section of their game board (6 cards total). The students then take turns to roll the dice and identify the card that is in that space on their gameboard. If they identify it correctly then the card is placed into their 'keep pile' and they select a new card from the pile to place on their game board. Continue playing until all of the cards from the middle pile are gone. The winner is the person with the most cards.

To make the game more exciting you may like to use the pig and stop cards. If a students selects a pig card from the middle pile then they must place all of the cards in their 'keep pile' back into the middle. If they draw a stop card then they miss a turn.

Ways you can use this game to practise skills include (but are not limited to)...

- sight words/ read cvc words/ spelling words

- number recognition

- identify the inital sound

- create a rhyme

- identify the syllables

- solve the sum (addition/subtraction/multiplication)

- identify if the word is a noun/adjective/verb etc