If you're happy and you know it

Add this song to your class song book. We learnt this song whilst focusing on feelings and discussed how our faces look when we feel different emotions. The students then created the craft to match by cutting facial features out of magazines and adding them to a face template.

Introducing a song book to your students is a great way to help develop their speaking and listening skills. Each week the students will learn a new song to sing and recite. They will learn the words, actions and also complete a craft to reinforce the key concept/s of the song.

The first song we learnt was 'If you're happy and you know it'. This song was introduced whilst we were learning about feelings. After learning the original version the students discussed different ways to move/act to different feelings e.g. If you're angry and you know it stamp your feet, If you're excited and you know it high five a friend.

We also completed a craft to match the song. This will be displayed in each students song book next to the song print out. To create the craft the students first made handprints in paint. They then looked through magazines to find facial features of happy people, and glued these onto a head template. Finally the students coloured in the t-shirts on the head templates and added wool for hair.