Nifty News Telling - A Complete Package

This is a 93 page document that has everything you need to run a successful News Telling/Show and Tell Program!

It inlcudes


·         7 event based news telling cards – hello, when, who, what, where, why, thankyou

·         7 object based news telling cards – hello, what, category parts, found, information, thankyou

·         57 pages of My News Telling Book - 2 news telling book cover pages, 7 different news templates (object, event and topic based news templates), 48 different news topics

·         News template sheets 2 per page - this includes both the simple and more complex object and event based news telling templates– use for activities in class

·         8 News Telling Portfolio/Assessment pieces – event and object based news

·         1 class grid to record observations about student’s news telling skills

·         1 News Telling roster to display on your notice board/ windows and in class to see who is telling news each day

·         2 This Week’s News Posters – one to display the letter of the week for news and the other to display the topic for news

·         4 different news telling notes to send home to parents – general note, object based news note, event based news note and topic based news note.

·         Me in a bag template - for news telling about themselves


Read more about each item and how to use them in their individual documents under Class Ideas- Oral Language