Object Based News Telling Cards

Use these cards to help your students tell object based news.

The cards include

  • hello - greet class
  • what - what is the object
  • category - is it an animal, food, plant, game etc
  • parts - what are the main parts on it
  • found - where do you find it
  • information - any other interesting information
  • thankyou - thank class for listening

Begin using as many or as little of the cards as you like, and gradually include more as your students become more capable.

There are many ways to use these cards

At the start you may begin very structured and the teacher holds up one card at a time and the students talk about that card. This may be as a group and in small group to start

Have the cards stuck the board and students - use a 'magic pointer' to go along and point and talk about each card.

Have the cards on the ground and students hold their object and step onto each card and talk about it.

For example the student might have a pig

what - It is a pig

category - A pig is an animal

parts- It has pink skin, a curly tail and a snout

found - It lives on a farm