Just a Plain Ribbon - UPDATED FOR 2019

This is a great "Me" activity with lots of opportunities to incorporate maths! It also makes a great class display and then keepsake that the parents will love.

To complete this activity measure each child and then cut off a length of string to match their height. Depending on your students age/ability and school resources you may like to have them lie down on the ground while the teacher/another student rolls out the string to match their height. Alternatively use a tape measure/ stadiometer to measure the students and then cut off a matching piece of string.

Ideas for incorporating maths...

~ Once each student has their piece of string they can be used to compare and order the heights of the students in the class.

~ They can also use their string to find things which they are taller longer/shorter smaller than.

~ How many students does it take to get from point a to b (eg classroom to office). Have students lay their string down end to end.

~ Redo this at the end of the year and compare strings. How much have they grown? Is the height order of the class still the same?

Once you have finished exploring maths with their stings tie them onto this lovely keepsake. To tie my string on I simply poked 2 holes with a pen (very technical) and pushed each end of the string through the hole. Tie in a bow and tah-dah! A cute display for your classroom, and a precious keepsake for your students/parents.