Christmas Real/Non Sense Word Game

Play this fun Christmas themed real or nonsense word game! Is it a real or made up word?There are two different ways to play! It comes in 2 levels - cvc words and cvcc/ccvc words.

Two nonsense word games in one! Teachers: laminate and cut out pieces. Green bordered cards are for 3 lettered nonsense and CVC words. Red borders are for four lettered nonsense and CCVC/CVCC play. Laminate as many copies as desired of the present game board and recording sheets.

Game 1: Word cards are placed in Santa’s sack (or in a pile). Students take turns to pull out a card. The student then reads the card and writes the word either on the real or nonsense side of their recording sheet. If a student pulls a card they don’t need (if one side of their recording sheet is full), they put the card back and lose their turn. The first person to fill both sides of their board must read the board to their partner before they can win! 

Game 2: Add the game cards (ones with pictures) to the nonsense/real word cards. Students take turns pulling out cards. They read the card and decide if it belongs on the real or non-sense present on the game board. If they get a candy cane card, they have another turn. If they get an elf card they must put back two cards. If they get Santa's list they must miss a turn. If they get the present card they get to take 2 cards from someone else. When someone pulls out the Santa card the game is over. Everyone counts their cards and the one with the most real words is the ‘winner.’