Reindeer Frame

A cute reindeer frame to place a Christmas photo in. This frame is extra special as the child's hands are the reindeer's antlers.


  • white or brown card/ plus a backing card of your choice if you desire
  • brown paint
  • googly eyes
  • red pom poms
  • ribbon


  1. Create a frame on the white or brown card. We used card 21.5 x 25cm, but you could easily change the size of the card. We used a ruler to create a border on the piece of card and then used a stanley knife to cut out the middle leaving the frame. (We created ours on white, and then painted it brown to match the colour of the handprints.)
  2. Using the brown paint create a hand print of both the left and right hands.
  3. When dry, cut around both of the handprints and glue them onto the top corners of the frame.  To add more support and to allow a border around the photo we backed the frame onto card, but this is optional.
  4. Add googly eyes to the sides and the red pom pom to the bottom for the nose.
  5. If you would like a girl reindeer, tie a bow out of the ribbon and glue onto one/both of the antlers.
  6. Glue your photo into the middle of the frame.