EGGcellent Words!

Use this egg themed game to help your students practise sounding out and writing CVC words. 

I play this game in small groups and have 6 laminated sheets of the' EGGcellent words' recording sheets that students write on with whiteboard markers.  If you like you could print the copies off and use it as a worksheet instead. 

Print off the 24 words (each has 3 cvc letter and  1 picture tile) and laminate them. I bought a couple of packets of plastic easter eggs that separate in half to hold the tiles.

Students were able to choose an egg, 'crack' it open and tip out the tiles inside. They had to look at the picture tile and use the letter tiles to make the word. They then had to write the word onto the 'EGGcellent words' recording sheet. They then put the tiles back into the egg and closed it up. 

They then got to choose another egg and repeat this process 5 more times.

My students thought this game was great and had fun choosing an egg and 'cracking' it open! It has really helped their confidence working with cvc words!