Chicken life cycle - craft templates

Use these templates to create your own life cycle of a chicken craft. 


The Chicken.

To make the chicken the students first painted a picture using feathers! This works best with runny paint.

They then traced around a chicken template on to the back of the picture (once it was dry) and cut out their chicken.

Eggs in the nest.

To create the pattern on the eggs the students painted silver paint on to bubble wrap and then took a print. Once it was dry they cut their eggs out.


The effect of a cracking egg was created by gluing pieces of egg shell on to the outside of the egg.

We used a pom pom with teny tiny googly eyes and half a feather to create a chick for the top of the egg. A piece of scrunched up red tissue paper was added to create a beak.

The chick.

The chick was created by tracing around the students hands. These were then attached to an egg shape using split pins. To create the beak the student cut out a square and folded it in half on a diagonal. This was glued on along with googly eyes.

After all of the pieces were made the students placed them in the correct order (or what they thought was the correct order!). My students are unable to write so I scribed for them. I asked them to tell me what was happening at each stage, some of their responses were hilarious!