Hungry Caterpillar Multi Task!

This task has many different parts to it and we completed it over a week. After reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar students completed the hand print craft, writing activity, sequencing activity and comprehenion activity.

We completed a writing task about what students would eat each day if they were the Very Hungry Caterpillar and you can download that template here.

Students ordered the food the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate in the correct sequence. Download the food picture and title here. I enlarged the pictures to A3

They also gave a beginning, middle, end oral retell of the story and I typed this on the computer in three different parts. This was then added to the handprint craft - each section in one body part.

The hand print craft involved 4 handprints. Three body prints with green painted palms and blue fingers and One red palm with 2 purple fingers. We added googly eyes and drew a mouth onto the face.

This was then added all together onto an A3 piece of card to display - you can also download the Very Hungry Caterpillar title template here.

Great task to do during an insect/minibeast or Eric Carl theme