Tropical Behaviour Bingo

A great behaviour management tool to have the whole class working together!

Have this bingo board displayed in your room and everytime your class does something positive behaviour wise (whole class) they get to draw a number out and cross it off the chart (sticker, magnet -whatever you choose) You many like to start with 4 in a row or a whole line on the bingo board as the goal and once the students achieve this they receive a class reward. I normally like to decide on a rewards first so students know what they are working towards.

They may receive a chance to draw a number for

  • whole class attendance
  • quiet/productive working
  • good manners for other teachers/admin members
  • great lining up
  • silent reading 
  • good mat manners and listening
  • whole class participation in activities - 

You could do it for whatever you choose! If a member of admin gives a compliment they get to choose 2 numbers as that is extra special praise!I like to enlarge the chart to A3 to make it bigger and more visable to students. There are 2 different game boards available - to 20 and to 100 to suits the needs of your students eg kindy might only use 20 and the cards to draw out.