Sound Spinners

Use these spinners in your class to practise hearing and identifying the first sound heard in each word. To play cut and laminate each game board, then attach a spinning arrow (you could also use a paperclip with a split pin).

The students then flick the spinner and identify the initial sound of the picture it lands on. As an extension to this activity you may like to have the students find the matching letter on their recording page and write it down.

There are 8 sets available

Set 1: focus' on long (continuant) sounds (e.g. m, s, f)

Set 2: focus' on stop sounds (e.g. p, d, c)

Set 3: sounds s,a,t,p,i,n 

Set 4: sounds m,r,c,h,e,d (x2 different game boards)

Set 5: sounds f,l,g,o,u,b (x2 different game boards)

Set 6: sounds w,j,v,z,k,y (x2 different game boards)