Complete Long and Short 'oo' work package!

This a complete package for you to use when learning the long and short 'oo' sounds. Use during your spelling lessons! This is a 13 page document (10 of activities and games) It includes

  • long and short oo posters to display around your room
  • oo sorting mat (to use in many ways)
  • oo words - to use on sorting mat and reading activities
  • oo pictures - to use on sorting mat and writing activities
  • oo memory game - picture to word
  • oo gameboard - distinguishing between the long and short sounds and writing the words onto the sorting mat
  • oo match ups - picture to the word worksheet
  • writing oo words to match the picture worksheet
  • froot loop words template - write 'oo' words and use froot loops as the oo sound. (laminate and reuse, or print and glue on froot loops)
  • 'oo' speed reader templates