wh digraph bump

Students will practise identifying the initial 'wh' digraph in words while playing this fun partner game.

To set the game up you will need 1 game board per pair. Add a spinner to each game board (we love the teacher hack of using a split pin and paper clip to save $$!).

To play each student will need a set of different coloured counters. They then take turns to spin the spinner and place a counter on the matching picture. If their partner spins the same picture they can bump player 1 off the picture! To lock your counter in place they need to have 2 counters on the picture, then if their partner spins the same picture they miss that turn. The winner is the person with the highest number of locked pictures.

This game is available in 2 levels - 1 with pictures on the spinner, and a higher level game with the words on the spinner.