The Chase - CVC words

Practise cvc words while playing the chase

included is an instruction sheet

Up to 4 players


Coloured counters and 1 dice

Game Instructions

1. Players place their two coloured counters on their coloured spots

2. Player One starts and rolls the dice. If they roll a 6 they get to move a counter onto their arrow to start moving around the gameboard. If they do not get a 6, Player 2 gets a turn and this continues until someone can play

3. Once they have a counter on the gameboard they roll again and move that many spaces. They need to read the word they land on. If they are correct they stay on that spot and give the next player a turn. If they are incorrect their counter has to go back to one of their coloured spots

4. Whenever someone rolls a 6 they can bring a new counter out to play or move a counter already on the gameboard

5. Players continue to move around the board and ‘chase’ the other players. If they land on a word that  already has another player’s counter they get to send them back to one of their coloured spots

6. Once a player makes it all the way around the gameboard they can place their counter onto one of their coloured stars and no body can send them back to start again

7. The winner is the first person to have both their counters on their coloured stars