F.E.Q – Frequently Emailed Questions!
21 September 2012 - 5 min Read
We love hearing from regular visitors to our website! We often get lots of similar questions so thought  we would answer some of them here...

  #1 - How do I access your resources? / What does a membership entitle me to?

  This is probably our most frequently asked question! You can have unlimited access to all of our resources for a year from the date of joining for just $29.95! That means you can download whatever you want, whenever you want for a full 365 days! We also aim to blog and or add a new downloadable item every other day (although sometimes life does tend to get in the way of this!!). So once you have joined make sure you come back to visit us and check out what's new.

  #2 - I want to join but don't have a Paypal account, can I still join?

  Yes you sure can! We are only a 2-woman show so to keep our accounts as streamline (easy) as possible we only accept payment through Paypal. However you can pay through Paypal on a credit card without signing up to Paypal, just follow these easy steps: Step 1 - Proceed to checkout and select option to pay with PayPal.  Once redirected to the PayPal website select the option "continue to checkout",ignore the "Log In to PAYPAL" box. Step 2 - Complete the form with your payment information and click "Review Payment". Step 3 - If PayPal thinks you may already have an account it will give the option to Log In.  Simply ignore this and click "Continue". NOTE: If you do not have a PayPal account this will not be displayed. Step 4 - Review the information such as shipping address.  Once you are ready click "Pay Now". That's it!  PayPal will contact us once the payment has cleared.  This typically takes just a few seconds. So there you have it! Clear as mud? Hopefully this helps clear up that question.

  #3 - Eeeek! A spelling mistake!

  Every teacher's  worst nightmare, a spelling mistake! Whilst we don't claim to be perfect, we do endeavour to ensure there are no mistyped words/spelling mistakes/grammatical errors in our resources. One of the most common "errors" spotted by our members is the word practise. We are based in Australia and actually use both practise (the verb) and practice (the noun). This means that many of our documents may have the word practice/practise misspelled - please let us know if you spot this as we are beginning to go back through our documents and create a US version which includes the spelling practise. We are happy to make this change so let us know if you need this done on any of our documents.

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  Finally did you know that we have a Top Teacher Facebook page? You can keep up to date with all things TT here. We will also be running a special promotion for all our Facebook followers very soon so make sure you pop over and like our page so that you can be notified when this promotion runs (trust us you don't want to miss out on this one!). Find our Facebook page here. If you read this far, well done! It's been a marathon post!

  'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!' Top Teacher xx

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