Getting to Know *YOU*…
22 January 2020 - 5 min Read
The first couple of days of the new school year are built around the three R’s – relationships, routines and rules!

Getting to know your students is so much more than just matching a name to a face (although even that can be tricky amongst the chaos!), it is finding out a few key facts that you can use to build a relationship around.

One of our favourite ways to find out a little bit about each student, and create a wonderful back to school display is our Maths about Me activity. This task is open ended so can be used for a wide range of abilities – which is handy as you may not yet know where their strength lie. To complete the task students answer a range of questions related to them - eg their birth date, number of people in their family, favourite number etc. They then write a number sentence to match the answer onto a flap. Your students can make the number sentences as easy or complicated as their maths skills allowing - making this a great differentiated activity for your whole class.

Quick activities that also get your class up and moving include…

Student Sort: Have students sort themselves into groups based on things they may have in common. For instance, ask students to find other people who have the same coloured eyes, whose birthday is in the same month, or whose name starts with the same letter. This is a fun way to get them talking to each other, you will also be able to observe anyone who holds back – these little people may need your support in building relationships with their peers.

This or That: Give students two choices, such as dogs or cats, ice cream or chocolate and have them sort themselves based on their preference

Some other activities that are great to use during the first few days include…

activities for back to school

Fun Facts about Me: this is a simplified version of our Maths about me activity.

Hello Classmates:  use this editable template to create a word search featuring the names of all your students.

Dice Breakers: a quick game that can be played as a whole class or small group. Students take turns rolling a dice and answering the related question. This resource includes two different sets of questions.

All About Me Bunting: print the bunting onto bright coloured paper to create an eye catching display for the start of the year. This would also be a great activity for students to complete during end of year transition, so they start the year with some of their work already on display!

And don’t forget to check out our newest resource – Getting to Know You Chatterbox. This is a great way for students who are quieter to develop one-on-one relationships.

back to school resource

Encouraging your students to build relationships with each other is also vital in these first few days. Developing a sense of community helps each and every student feel a sense of belonging. There are many different ways to help build these relationships, but we love the idea of using a hands on team challenge.

Simply break your class into teams and set a challenge to be completed in a specific time frame. Challenges could include build the strongest bridge or the tallest tower. Provide students with materials (such as popsicle sticks, toothpicks, straws, gumdrops, marshmallows, rubber bands, spaghetti noodles) to complete the task, and watch them collaborate to meet a goal.

Wishing you all the best of luck for a smooth start to your 2020 classroom adventures!

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