Going Digital
5 April 2020 - 5 min Read

Since the launch of the new Top Teacher website we have been adding lots of new digital resources. Now with distance learning we hope these can be more helpful than ever! Here are the six different PowerPoint sections on the website!

Warm Ups

These warm-up PowerPoint  are avaible for Kindergarten to Year Three for both Literacy and Maths. They are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and are a great way to introduce, reinforce and practise a wide range of Literacy and Maths skills. They include hundreds of slides that you can edit, duplicate and shuffle to suit the learning needs of your students.



Pick and Click

Our interactive Pick & Click PowerPoint are great for whole class and independent work. They make a sound to show students if they have the correct answer and to move to the next slide. Students look at the question and need to choose the answer from the three boxes.



Look and Write

In these PowerPoints students

LOOK- Look at the question/picture

WRITE - When the write page is shown students can write the answer on a whiteboard, paper, book etc

CHECK - The answer then appears, and students can check their work

Tip: You can remove the WRITE page if you would like to complete it as an oral activity - eg whole class discussion/call out answer or for partner talk.



See and Say

These are quick drill PowerPoints and students look at the questions/picture and need to say the answer as it appears on the screen.



Games and Activities

These are PowerPoints that the students can complete in a whole class, small group or independently. Many have matching printable activities to use with or after the PowerPoints.



Informational PowerPoints

These PowerPoints are a great way to introduce new topics to your students!



We hope these PowerPoints will be helpful to your planning for Term Two. Please comment or send us an email with ideas and requests for PowerPoint resources you would like to use in your room!

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