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18 November 2012 - 5 min Read
It’s in the Bag!: Using Zip Lock Bags to Teach Partitioning Numbers
The students in my class were finding partitioning numbers a tad difficult so I was relieved when I came across this awesome idea!!! All you need are counters and a zip lock bag with a line drawn down the middle.In the bag place the desired number of counters and students are able to move the counters in the bag and manipulate the number on each side of the bag to create number sentences.

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My students enjoyed finding all of the different ways to make a number and creating them in their bags. It really provided them with a hands on visual way to understanding partitioning. We were writing our answers onto mini whiteboards. I was helping them at the start by telling them how many different ways the number could be made, but next time I do this I will not be telling them!
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They loved having races to see who could be the first to find all of the ways to make a number. The first time we did this I only focused on small numbers to 5, but they are definitely ready to begin using higher numbers. Check back soon I as I will be uploading a recording sheet for this activity!

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