Car Park Challenge - editable skill based game

Use this game to practise any skill your class need to focus on - from sight words, to alphabet and even addition and subtraction facts! The game boards are completely editable so you can create the exact resource your class requires.

To set the game up type the answers into the car park spaces and the questions onto the car calling cards. For example you could put a sum on the car calling card and the answer into one of the car park game boards. Or a sight word on the car calling card and the matching sight word into the car park.

The caller then selects a calling card, if the player has the matching word or answer to the sum in their car park then they can drive a toy car to cover it or simply place a counter onto their car park. Continue playing until someone has covered all of their car park spaces.

To play without a caller the students can take turns selecting a calling card and checking their own game board for the answer. We think that really fun way to play would be to use toy cars with the questions in them instead of calling cards.