Reading question stars - UPDATED


UPDATED - NOW 56 questions!

A collection of 36 star guided reading question cards. 8 before reading questions, 8 during reading questions and 20 after reading questions cards. Print the before, during and after questions onto different coloured card to remember when the question is to be used. Once cut out and laminated attach each star to a popstick to make a star wand. Place each set of wands into a different container, tin, ziplock bag or envelope. During guided or shared reading ask a student to pull a wand at various times for the class or individual to answer about the story. These cards help to evaluate a child's comprehension skills when reading or listening to a story.

So how do I use these during shared reading?

Before reading the book select 2-3 questions from the "before" pot. Sometimes I will preselect the questions so that they focus on the skills we are working on (e.g. making connections between texts by the same author).

During the reading select students to come up and choose a question from the "during" pot. They then answer the question and select the next person to choose a question.

After reading the book select 2-3 questions from the "after" pot. Of course I occasionally rig this so that the questions in the pot fit in with my teaching focus!

If I was teaching in grade 1 up I would also use these cards during independent reading. Each child would be responsible for choosing a "during" and "after" reading card and writing their response into their reading journal.

This is a simple and fuss free way to ensure that your students are being asked a range of questions during reading (shared and guided)