Story Dice

Story dice is fun way to review texts after reading and is available in two levels. The first has literal questions, where the answer can be found directly in the text. The harder sheet has questions which will require the students to interpret and apply their understandings before answering.

I like to use these sheets in a range of ways including; as a whole group activity after a big book shared reading, to wrap up a guided reading group, with a friend during partner reading.

There are also worksheets available to use with the activity.

They provide students with a simple way to reflect on their comprehension and understanding of the text.

Sheet 1 ~ literal questions (eg title, characters, setting) with boxes to draw pictures or write a few words.

Sheet 2 ~ literal questions (eg how do the characters solve the problem?) with room to write their answer.

Sheet 3 ~ inferential and evaluative questions (eg what would you ask the main character of this story?)