Open 'Mic' Afternoon (Reading Fluently)

I recently saw a great blog about Open 'Mic' Fridays on Mrs Robinson's Insructional Website. I loved the idea and thought I would give it a go with my Year One's and introduce it to my Pre-Primary students later.

I have a collection of passages, poems, reader's theatre etc that I print off and laminate. Students are able to take one and practise reading it with fluency, expresson and good voice projection.

When they feel comfortable that they can read it fluently they are able to put their name down on the Open 'Mic' Afternoon sheet. Every Thursday afternoon we hold our Open Mic Sessions and students can then read their passage in front of the class with a microphone.I would encourage all students to have at least 1 turn during the term. When they have completed one passage they get to swap it for another.

A cute idea is this recordabe microphone so that students can then hear themselves after they have finished. Otherwise recording it on you ur mobile phone is just as good!

The students that do perfrom get a certificate for all of their hard work and practise.

At the end of the year I intend to have a afternoon where all students can perfrom a passage (maybe an oiginal piece from my Year One's) and parents can come in and watch! I hope to have a blog about this soon as my kids get better at it!