Racing for Gold game -for sight words, cvc and addition/subtraction to 10


Use this fun game in a variety of ways 

It comes in the standard template of game board with gold medal and bandaid cards and photocopy as many time as you would like.

You choose whether to play it with the sight words cards (100 cards), cvc cards (114 cards) or addition subtraction cards to 10 (129 cards). 

Laminate the game and all of the cards.I have a group of game boards laminated and have each of the sight words, cvc words and maths cards in separate containers with their own gold medal and bandaid cards so it is easy to pull out the set of gameboards and the cards I need.

Students each choose an athlete at the bottom and a coloured marker. Each student takes a turn of pulling a card out of the pile and if it is a:

Word - They attempt to read it. If they get it right they colour in a rectangle. If they get it wrong they put it back into the pile and wait for their next turn.

Gold Medal - Continue on your way to get gold, colour in a box and have another turn.

Bandaid - 'Oh No' you have injured yourself - miss a turn!

The 1st person to get to the gold medal is the winner!