Roll a Word

Now available in an EDITABLE VERSION - for you to type in your own words !!(using publisher) 

A great game to help your students not only read but also write sight words. Students roll the dice, find the correspondoing word, read it and then write it down. You could play the game individually if doing it in small groups or in pairs if playing with the whole class. 

Here are a couple of ways you could play this game.

1. Laminate 6 or however many of the game boards you will use at one time. I play the game with about 6 students at a time so I have 6 laminated copies. You can choose the 6 sight words you want the students to play the game with. You could write the words or have them write the choosen words in the first box under the each of the different dice pictures. Students then roll the dice, see which word is under it, read it, then write it in that column wiht a whiteboard marker. Continue playing until all boxes are filled.

2. Laminate as many copies as you need. Using the sight words lists copy each one a couple of times onto a coloured card and cut and laminate (These sight words lists match our sight word program.) To make things easier I copy each list onto a different coloured card eg set 1 onto orange, set 2 onto blue etc. I place a velcro dot in the first box under the dice and also place velcro on the back on each of the sight words. (Cutting the velcro dot sinto quarters saves using so many!). You can then let each child choose 6 words out of the container to put onto their game board. Continue to play game as above.

3. Print off a copy for each child in the class and have them complete the worksheet in pairs. This allows for it then to be placed into their workbooks at end of the game. You could choose the words for them to write or let them choose the word out the container.