Reading Racers

I use this Reading Racers program to encourage my students to learn their sight words.

Using the reading races track document I glued the track and images onto black card. I added stars around the track to show the different set lists. (I did add extra track to my poster which I just drew onto white paper.)

Each students face was glued to a car template and placed onto the starting area of the track. 

Using the Top Teacher sight word program a new list of 5 words are introduced at a time. As the student learns those 5 words, they get a sticker on their reading racers certificate. These certifcates are pinned onto the board next to the track and each time a student learns a new list of words they get a sticker on that number on their certificate. Certificate 1 (set 1) has lists 1,2,3,4 and then Certificate 2 (set 2) has lists 5,6,7,8 etc.(this all matches our sight word program).  As a certifcate finishes they get to take it home and get a new one in a different colour to put onto the wall. Also as they finish a cerfiticate they move their 'race car' to the next number on the track. 

Students practise sight words during activities in class and also take them home in the take home word folder. Check that out here On Friday I test the students on their words and if they do not know them all they practise them for another week. 

When your students have finished all sets there is a certifcate in colour with a trophy.