Take home word file

The folder is folded like a card and has a side for spelling words and a side for sight words. 

Each week as the new spelling words are introduced I staple them into the folder. For a copy of the spelling words that I do click here. 

For the sight words I use the lists from our sight word program. At the end of the week I go through the words with each student and if they know all the words they move onto the next list and it is stapled in. Come back in the next couple of days and check out the 'Reading Racers' sight word program and reward system.

Using our sight word program I cut up the words the students are learning and place them in a ziploc bag at the back of the folder. Continue to add new words to the bag as they progress. Having these words in the back makes it easy for parents to revise and play games with the words.

On the back is also a list of ways to practise the words at home.

To keep the folder safe I place it in a large plastic folder. (In this bag is also normally their reading book and home reading file) .