Events Based News Telling Cards

A set of 5 news telling cards to help your students retell events. It includes hello, when, who, what, where, why, how, feelings and thankyou. Each card is A4 however you can print them smaller to suit your needs. Available in colour and black and white.

Ways to use these cards include:

  • Have them up on the board and students move a magnet to each card as they talk about.
  • Have them up on the board and another student listens to the news teller and as each card is spoken about they can put a magnet on it. At the end see which ones have magnets on them and if there are any that do not, go back and talk about them.
  • Have them up on the board and students use a 'pointer' to touch each card as they talk about it.
  • Lay them on the ground and students step/jump on each one as they talk about it.
  • Hand the cards out to students in the 'audience' who then have to listen by CouponDropDown" href=""> for that specific information. They then have to retell that information at the end of the news. Eg the person who has the 'when' card has to listen for when the news occurred and will then share this information with the class. If this news teller did not include this information it provides an opportunity to go back and talk about it.

Using these cards helps students to also write better recounts