Mini Office

Create mini offices for your students to refer to during writing time, independent work and to also use as a divide during tests or other quiet independent activities.

I used 2 manilla folders to create mine and stapled them together after making sure they were able to fold shut properly. I like to laminate and add Velcro dots to the pieces so I can change them during the year to suit the kid's needs and what we are learning about.

This document is 13 pages.

It includes 4  cover pages -2 colour and 2 black and white

To go inside

  • blends
  • year 1 digraphs and spelling patterns
  • year 2 digraphs and spelling patterns
  • alphabet
  • contractions
  • common sight words and also a blank sight word template to put your own words into
  • punctuation
  • what do writers write
  • what can I write about?
  • other words for big, little, said, good, bad, pretty
  • how to spell a word
  • writing reminders
  • parts of a story
  • when, who, what, where, why
  • days and months
  • noun, verb. adjective
  • story elements
  • beginning, middle, end
  • traffic light sentences