Editing checklist and sticky notes = EDITABLE

Completely editable Editing Checklists. 

There are 2 options - however they are all completely editable to suit your editing procedures in your classroom.

Also included are editing sticky post it note templates - excellent to stick on students work and keep a record of when you are marking their work.

These editing checklists match the easy editing class posters.

The checklist includes 6 check points for punctuation, spelling and text structure.

Use these checklists for students to independently check their work before bringing it to the teacher. To save paper laminate a checklist for each student with their name on it. With a whiteboard marker they can tick off the checklist and then clean it at the end of the writing session.

Have students keep the checklist with their 'have a go' pad or in their tray. For special work or to show evidence of the editing process print out a copy of the checklist for each student and staple to their draft when completed.