Make-a-Word Folder

Use this template to create a 'Make-a-Word' folder to practise making spelling/sight words.

Also included now is a alphabet boggle type version and also an editable powerpoitn version to add your own fonts and sounds/digraphs/spelling patterns etc

I made 6 different folders for my class to use during literacy rotations.

I printed the templates 6 times onto different coloured card and 6 times onto white paper. (Then when creating folders the sets of letters can be coloured coded to help students find them)

I laminated the white templates and glued them into the folder - and also stapled to make sure it stayed!

Then I cut and laminated the coloured templates and used velcro dots to attach them to the white templates.

On the front of the folder I glued the front cover.

I use this folder to make our spelling words and sight words - It helps students remember blends and digraphs and take the 'sh' tile rather than take the 's' and the 'h' separately.